Poor Nameless Boy-Leave Myself Behind

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about Poor Nameless Boy in the past, and I still don’t know much now.

But a few weeks ago on my way to somewhere, when I was playing a Spotify list that the app recommends you based on an algorithm, “Leave Myself Behind” shuffled along, and I was blown away!!!

Find the song here. Track 10

I felt thrown back into the deepest pits of my adolescence, and looked around, trying to find the person who watches me and makes Joel Henderson write lyrics that reflect my agony.

I don’t want to break the song down, or analyze the lyrics here.

I just wish that everyone gives this song a listen, and decides for themselves to which part of their lives it takes them to reflect, and eventually gain a little bit of energy through learning once again that our hopes that our walks through darkness won’t last forever, and that someone or something will have our back at some point come true.

listen to “Leave Myself Behind” on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/poor-nameless-boy/leave-myself-behind

buy it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Leave-Myself-Behind/dp/B01AQ04D56


Arco – Lullaby

Arco is a British indie band, best known for their sadcore tunes. Their lyrics are greatly poetic, calmingly whispered by vocalist Chris Healey. Their melodies and arrangements send you off floating, undeniably, in sadness. 

So lay down your weary head 

Try and sleep now 

Calm your shallow little breath 

Be at peace now

Listen to Lullaby

I first learned about Arco in summer 2010. That’s when I fell in love with their 2004 release, studio album Coming to Terms. Back then I couldn’t find it here in Japan, but luckily was able to purchase a copy in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. 

Thanks to a spot in the OST of a TV series called The Coffee Prince, Arco experienced a boom in South Korea. Maybe that’s why their last Album from 2010, Yield, was released under a S.Korean label. 

May your dreams bring joy and wonder through the night 

And the morning find you glad to be alive 

Apparently Arco didn’t disband officially, yet. However, there’s nothing but silence since 2010. Which is a shame in my opinion. 

The world needs more Arco. Especially on a rainy and gloomy day like today in the Big Mikan that’s Tokyo. 

Check Arco out here!

MP3 Coming To Terms on Amazon

Coming to Terms on iTunes

Alle Farben “Please Tell Rosie”

Berlin based German House DJ Alle Farben released an ode to music with Please Tell Rosie earlier this year. 

A danceable, fun summer scent like tune that tells us 

That music is my best friend

In German online magazine grazia-magazin.de Alle Farben, which means All Colors in German, tells the reader that though “Please Tell Rosie” is a fun song, it also sends out a bit of a sad message. 

Giving up big chunks of my private life became a given. In exchange I found my passion for music. Music is always here for me, and thus somehow became my best friend. 

Please Tell Rosie is the title track of Alle Farben’s newest studio album Music Is My Best Friend . 

Check out Alle Farben here as well!

Alle Farben on Soundcloud
Please Tell Rosie Music Video

Magnetized by Tom Odell

Today’s tune:

Magnetized by Tom Odell

If mid 20’s me, a master of one sided love, would of listened to Magnetized by Tom Odell, my reaction probably would of been something like

“Ooh Emm Geee is this guy writing about my life or wat?! Where are the cameras?!I can’t even 2&)#%$*~!!1!!”

in imaginary all caps.


I’m not in my mid 20’s anymore and I’m not the master of one sided love any longer. Now I’m the master of speed crushes.

I still love this song and music video to bits and pieces anyways.

When I first heard this song I wouldn’t have imagined that this powerful mature voice comes from a 20 something young guy.

Tim Odell is a British indie pop singer and songwriter who was discovered and contracted by Lily Allen.

Officially touring since 2012, he eventually got well deserved recognition sometime between 2014-15.

His new Album Wrong Crowd is great! Clear Brit-pop elements with influences of the music from Elton John, Billy Joel and (at least for me) with a breeze of Keane. Mixed with musical wit this became an Album that you sit down with and listen to, being all ears till the end.

Next to Magnetized, Sparrow is also a favorite of mine.

When Odell was asked in an interview with Hunger.tv what his source of inspiration for his emotional lyrics would be, he answered;

My inability to sustain a relationship with someone for longer than six months..

Well, you’re doing a better job than me whose life motto by now is something in the likes of;

“A 3 minute crush a day keeps the doctor away.”

Better than apples if you didn’t know yet. (That’s a lie)
Check Tom Odell out here!

Wrong Crowd on Spotify

Tom Odell On Soundcloud

Magnetized on You Tube

Fyke’s Kickstarter! 15 hours to go. 

fyke’s music video kickstarter project

Click here for FYKE’s Kickstarter
A project on Kickstarter that’s worth a little support.

FYKE is a Californian 3 man alternative rock project around singer, songwriter and producer Enik Lin. Enik probably caught people’s attention in- and outside the US while he was working with Korean rock band Royal Pirates. With them he worked as producer and backup musician for their studio album 3.3 .

I’ve got to admit that me kicking in also has a selfish motivation. This past year has shown me once again that ambition alone is not getting you anywhere. It might keep you walking, but without a push or a pull by believing and supporting hands, your ambition won’t get you running.

I’d go as far and say that once you’re trying to run with only ambition being your fuel, you’re bound to exchange ambition for desperation at one point. Running into the danger to poison yourself insidiously.
When I thought I got that pull to start running, I quickly found out that I’m not only still just walking, but rather being paced down by the hands I grabbed. My work flow got interrupted, my motivation was corrupted. Now I’m walking again. Haha~ I think I can be proud of my tenacity.
So, here I hope that this Kickstarter will succeed and that Fyke can stand on their starting line more comfortable, being able to run the shit out of their kicks once the starting signal’s fired.

FYKE’s Facebook